Inspired by ‘The Garden of Eden’ and uniquely crafted with love. Introducing La Muse Artisan Cats Eye Stone Drop Earrings - an artisan stone drop earring style for a sassy glamour. This design features natural smoky toned cats eye stones with a hand-wired gold wrap highlight. The earring metal top is crafted in a serpent shape, made of environmentally friendly brass with 24k pure gold plating. To bring out the 24k gold shine, each piece is hand polished 5 times. Apart from the enchanting natural shine that changes with lighting, wearing cats eyes stone jewellery also has great benefits, such as:

- Brings peace, harmony and spiritual enlightenment 
- Helps to attract and bring luck
- Relieves metal imbalance and provide relief from stress & anxiety
- Improves physical health and regain wellbeing 
- Improves memory 
- Removes fear and pessimism 

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Brand: Culturesse
Earring Type:Stone Drop Earrings
Made from: Natural Cats Eye Stones - Smoky24K Pure Gold PlatingEnvironmentally Friendly Brass
Colour: Gold & Smoky Noir
Length: 66mm
Width: 24mm
Weight: 8.9g

*If the product is a pair of earrings, weight displayed is per earring.