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Culturesse Rewards Program

Culturesse Rewards Program  main image Culturesse Rewards Program  image



Every dollar counts. 

Shop at Culturesse =

Get rewarded + Save + Enjoy.



For every dollar spent, get 1 point.


Use your points to get a discount off any future order(s).


Here is how it works:


1 point = 5c discount



100 points = $5 discount

200 points = $10 discount

300 points = $15 discount

500 points = $25 discount

1000 points = $50 discount



Once you have placed your order, you will receive a seperate Rewards Notification email (besides the usual order confirmation) about the points you have just earned. Below is what your Redeem Information will look like:







How To Redeem Your Points:


  • The reward points are not redeemed as discount codes. You can use your reward points to offset the checkout total for your new order
  • Login your Culturesse account (you must be logged in your Culturesse account to be able to redeem the reward points) to access your reward points
  • The reward points do not need to be entered manually. The available points will show in your Culturesse account
  • Proceed straight to checkout for your new order, and you will see the available points in the ‘Payment Detail’ section
  • Enter the dollar amount you wish to redeem, and it instantly is deducted from the checkout total (see below)


  • The value of your earned points will then be applied to your order. Any outstanding balance can be paid with payment methods available on
  • If you do not redeem all of the points in a single transaction, the remaining balance will be available on your account for future use until the expiry date* (3 years after the initial purchasing date)
  • You can view your point balance in your account
  • If you have forgotten your password, simply head to > Homepage  >Login >Forgot password  >Reset password














Culturesse xx