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We are restocking between May 23 - June 1. Orders placed after 3pm AEST on Wednesday May 22 till Friday May 31 will be shipped on Monday June 3. All orders are subject to the shipping option of your choice.

Culturesse Metal Integrity Assurance Policy

Culturesse Metal Integrity Assurance Policy main image Culturesse Metal Integrity Assurance Policy image



Where you see this badge, it means the jewellery is made of solid sterling silver or titanium or platinum, and may be gold plated or gold filled on top of the base metal (except platinum as it does not need plating). These pieces if cared for properly will last a lifetime. 


Using quality metals is important for our sustainable and ethical practice. We source our materials in accordance with internationally accepted Responsible Jewellery Guidelines and ensure each of our manufacturers and individual jewellery craftspeople adheres to our brand values and practices. 


Best practice jewellery care is encouraged for all our jewellery pieces (including costume jewellery, artisan jewellery and fine jewellery). For more information please read:


Tarnishing can occur on any silver or silver based jewellery. Most of the time it can be restored easily by following our Silver Cleaning Guide:


Our solid sterling silver, gold filled and gold vermeil jewellery will not discolour unless they come in contact with chemical substances (such as those found in cosmetics, skincare and beauty products, perfumes, aerosols, sunscreens, tanning lotions etc.), sulphur and airborne pollutants, or being stored in a high humidity or moist area, or being stored together with other non-gold or non-silver jewellery. 


If your jewellery has deep or dark discolouration, it may mean the metal has been damaged by chemicals. In which case, we recommend inspection by a silversmith or goldsmith jeweller. If you wish to return discoloured pieces to us, we will need to examine the jewellery first to establish the cause of discolouration. We are unable to refund or replace the jewellery if the cause of the discolouration is a lack of proper care.