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How To Best Enjoy Converted Earrings

Date Posted:4 April 2020 

No ear piercings no worries. Enjoy our converted earrings



We use earring converters to convert earrings for non-pierced ears. We choose to use converters to avoid damaging the earring posts, so that if you wish to have your ears pierced in the future, you can simply remove the earring converters and wear the earrings as for pierced ears. We choose the converter colours to best match the earring styles (gold/silver). We have a few tips below to help you best enjoy your converted earrings:


1. Pay attention to the earring weight

A single earring piece with heavier weight tends to pull ears a bit more than a single earring piece with light weight. The lighter an earring is, the more comfortable it will generally be on ears.


2. Tightness of the brand new converters 

Brand new converters will be tight to start with. If they are not tight, then they cannot hold the weight of the earrings attached. Over time converters tend to become less tight, hence more comfortable as time passes. 


3. Getting sore ears 

We attach a soft rubber padding to each converter to make it more comfortable for your ears. However, it is not unusual for your ears to be a bit sore especially after wearing converted earrings for a few hours.

From our experience, ear lobes usually get numb after around 2 hours’ wearing. As a result, if you can endure the tenderness during the first 2 hours, your ears will most likely to get used to the clip-on, and the tenderness will ease.

Alternatively, depending on your own circumstances, when you feel your ears are getting too tender, take the earrings off and give your ears a break for around 10 minutes before putting them on again. 


4. Appearance of the converters 

When clipped on ears, you should only see the thin metal vertical line on your front ear lobe. The bigger the earring is, the less visible the converter will appear by comparison.







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