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Help End Homelessness

Date Posted:23 May 2021 

What causes homelessness in Australia and how can we help?



Every night, roughly 1 in 200 Australians find themselves without a safe, secure or affordable place to sleep. A home isn’t just four walls and a roof. It’s a foundation for safety and security. Access to safe and secure housing is one of the most basic human rights.





One third of homeless people in Australia are under 18 years old. Young people are more likely to become homeless because they often experience difficulties securing long-term accommodation and are particularly affected by poverty and the shortage of affordable housing in Australia.





People experience homelessness for many different reasons. There are many circumstances that are out of a person’s control, leaving them without a safe space to call their own. These might include:

- family violence

- family breakdown and/or conflict

- abuse (physical, emotional, sexual)

- unemployment

- insufficient income to cover rent and the costs of living

- difficulties getting financial assistance (Youth Allowance)

- drug and alcohol abuse

- mental health issues

- the death of a parent or guardian

- lack of support when moving into or from state care

- overcrowding


New wave of homelessness is looming

The most immediate concern now is an imminent surge in homelessness. This is likely in coming months as a result of JobKeeper payments and JobSeeker Coronavirus Supplements being scaled back and bans on evictions lifted. These protections staved off a new, recession-induced homelessness crisis through the winter months. Yet since mid-year, rough sleeper numbers have been on the rise once again in Australian cities.





At Culturesse we would like to contribute on an ongoing basis by donating $1 of each sale to Launch Housing - a charity organisation based in Melbourne Victoria, to help end homelessness. The money will go to the organisation for making room in our community for people experiencing homelessness via a more coordinated approach to housing and homelessness. Together, a little by little, we can make a difference to our community. 



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