Dainty yet exquisite, introducing Elka Treasure Hold Dainty Earrings - a vintage inspired dainty design for those who value art of details. This delicate design accentuates the softness and tenderness of femininity, meanwhile, carves a unique fashion attitude that will make you stand out of the crowd. Crafted with silver and 18K yellow gold plating, the shine is smooth and subtle. Perfect for everyday wear and all occasions.


Brand: Culturesse
Earring Type:Stud Earrings
Made from: Polished Marjorie PearlsCubic Zirconia18K Yellow Gold Plating925 Sterling Silver
Colour: Glory Gold
Length: 10mm
Width: 6mm
Weight: 0.8g

*If the product is a pair of earrings, weight displayed is per earring.