Fine, unique and eye-catching. Introducing Eliana Fine Gold Sun Cuff Earrings - an artisan ear cuff art for lovers of uniqueness and quality. This design is inspired by astrology featuring two suns in each cuff. Each sun is embellished with inlaid Austrian white cubic zirconias covering the ‘flames’. The earrings are made of solid sterling silver with 2.5 microns of 18k gold plating (to Gold Vermeil Jewellery standards). 

You can manually adjust the tightness of the ear cuffs via gentle force to ensure the cuffs are sitting securely on your ears. According to each individual’s ear shape and styling preference, you can clip the cuffs anywhere on the ear as long as they sit securely. Regardless of whether you have ear piercings or not, you can create various styles with these cute ear cuffs. Wear these cuffs along with other earrings to showcase your unique fashion sense and expressions. The option is endless. Hypoallergenic, nickel, cadmium and lead free. Allergy free. 


Brand: Culturesse
Made from: Solid Sterling SilverAustria Zirconias18K Gold Vermeil
Colour: Gold
Length: 17mm
Width: 12mm
Weight: 1g

*If the product is a pair of earrings, weight displayed is per earring.


Where you see this badge, it means the jewellery is made of solid sterling silver or titanium, and may be gold plated or gold filled on top of the base metal. These pieces if cared for properly will last a lifetime.