Classic chic hoop statement made for a statement. Introducing Danica 70's Gold Hoop Earrings - a retro inspired hoop earring style for your elevated chic styling. This design features a large sized solid gold hoop (outer diameter 43mm) made of titanium steel for high durability. The earrings are plated with 3 layers of 18k gold electroplating forming a thick gold bond to the metal. Each piece is highly polished for a perfectly smooth surface and reflective high shine with a subtle and enduring gold shine. A classic gold hoop earring style that suits a wide range of personal styles. Perfect for retro, modern, formal, semi-formal, dressy, glamour, chic, punk, smart causal, casual styles and more. Hypoallergenic, nickel, cadmium and lead free.


Brand: Culturesse
Earring Type:Hoop Earrings
Made from: 18k Gold Plating (3 layers of 18K electroplating)Titanium Steel
Colour: Gold
Length: 43mm
Width: 43mm
Weight: 18g

*If the product is a pair of earrings, weight displayed is per earring.