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Classic baroque pearl drops with unique U shaped silver hoops - introducing Alyx Silver Hoop Baroque Pearl Earrings - an ethically handcrafted pearl drop style featuring natural baroque pearls and U shaped artisan silver hoops. Classy, feminine and elegant, silver and natural pearl shine softly illuminate your feminine beauty in a timeless way. The silver hoops are handcrafted in solid sterling silver with a unique curve. Perfect for all occasions and all styles. 100% nickel, cadmium and lead free

Please note that natural baroque pearls are not identical. The exact pearl shape vary from piece to piece. Pearl surfaces are smooth and natural textures remain.



THE IMPERFECT is a collection of Culturesse artisan handmade jewellery pieces that contain imperfections in varied degrees. The imperfections occur on natural pearls, handcrafted metal work, or when the shape of the pearls varies from the original product images.

When crafting our artisan pearl pieces, we use natural pearls that are initiated in nature more or less by chance; instead of cultured pearls that are human-initiated, formed by inserting a tissue graft from a donor mollusk, upon which a pearl sac forms. As a result, some pearls are more irregular in shape and contain natural forming marks and textures. To cater for the different shapes of natural pearls, some metal work (e.g.: embedding pearls in metal, embedding jewels on pearl surface) is done manually where light marks may occur.


Why some pearls are almost ‘perfect’ and some are not?

Hardly any natural pearls initiated in nature are completely perfect. When choosing natural pearls for our artisan jewellery, we use natural pearls sourced in a strand, which contains the same type of pearls with varied shape, size, and surface conditions. Though it is in our best interest to choose the ‘best’ pearls to pair up with earrings or making into necklaces and bracelets, we cannot rule out imperfections as a part of nature.


Why are we making this collection available?

When photographing our jewellery, it is impractical for the models to wear every single piece of the pearl jewellery to show all the variations of natural pearls. We choose the pieces that honestly represent the general size and shape of the pearls, so that you get what you see. For THE IMPERFECT collections, we feel that we have the responsibility to represent the exact choice of products you are viewing or considering, so that you get what you see.



Rest assured that all of our jewellery pieces are made with the same level of care, skill, and attention to detail. Most pearls in THE IMPERFECT collection are in beautiful condition. They are marked down because their natural shape is different to the original product images.



THE IMPERFECT collections use the same gallery model images as per the original product, which show you the approximate size of the jewellery when wearing. Additionally, we have photographed and included the actual product images (non-model images in the gallery) to show you the imperfections each piece has back and front and how they look exactly.



THE IMPERFECT collection is more affordable compared to its ‘perfect siblings’. Though they are marked down due to the imperfections, they were made with the same artisan hands with the same  skills, passion, expertise and love. As per our ethical practice and philosophy, we value the resources and energy put into creating these pieces and would like to see them having an opportunity to bring a little joy and happiness to someone out there.


Terms & Conditions

No returns for this collection unless arrived damaged as per Culturesse Return Policy.

Read Culturesse Your Complete Pearl Guide to learn more about pearls.


Brand: Culturesse
Earring Type:Pearl Drop Earrings
Made from: Solid Sterling SilverNatural Baroque Pearls
Colour: Silver
Length: 40mm
Width: 14mm
Weight: 5g

*If the product is a pair of earrings, weight displayed is per earring.


Where you see this badge, it means the jewellery is made of solid sterling silver or titanium, and may be gold plated or gold filled on top of the base metal. These pieces if cared for properly will last a lifetime.