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We are restocking between May 23 - June 1. Orders placed after 3pm AEST on Wednesday May 22 till Friday May 31 will be shipped on Monday June 3. All orders are subject to the shipping option of your choice.

Who Made My Jewellery

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Our artisan jewellery is designed and handcrafted / hand assembled / hand polished by our jewellery design team of 15+ years industry experience. Our lead artisan jeweller has 30+ years jewellery crafting experience with jewellery work exhibited in Milan Jewellery Exhibition and other worldwide jewellery exhibitions. We collaborate with a range of Australian and International artists and jewellers (based in Europe, America, and South Asia) for artisan collection designs and crafting. We also work with a range of manufacturers worldwide. 


When it comes to material selection, being ethical and sustainable to our environment is critical to us. For the metal base, we use environmentally friendly metals including brass, copper,  and stainless steel. We also use quality solid sterling silver and platinum. When it comes to plating, we use a range of gold plating varying from 14 Karat to 24 Karat. Our 18K and 24K gold plate are of a minimum of 2.5 microns and are tarnish-resistant. Our gold-filled jewellery uses the technique of ‘rolled gold’, which is a different process to gold plating, ensuring a much thicker bond of gold to the metal. Our gold vermeil jewellery uses solid sterling silver for the metal base and has a minimum of 2.5 microns of gold plating ensuring a rich, smooth and luxurious gold shine. When cared for properly, our gold filled, gold plated, gold vermeil and sterling silver jewellery holds its original shine for a lifetime. 


We source natural pearls from around the world favouring pearls are cultured sustainably to help support the environment and marine habitat. We also source freshwater pearls and baroque pearls from Western Australia. 


For gems, we use various precious and semi-precious stones such as natural emerald, rose quartz, clear quartz, smoky quartz, agate, crystal, Swarovski crystal, Austrian white crystal, cubic zirconia and crystal diamantes. 


Please refer to our Jewellery Care Guide to best care for your jewellery and enjoy lifelong wearing.