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What Are Fashion Influencers Wearing On Their Ears?_Part II

Author: Culturesse   Date Posted:20 December 2018 

What are their picks? Shhhh...Steal their earring styles

Continuing on our last blog entry--What Are Fashion Influencers Wearing On Their Ears_Part I, we spotted and collected more fashion earring styling tips from fashion influencers based in Australia and worldwide. We will show you how you can rock your own amazing styles with the earrings featured. 


The Simple Silver Lining

Sara Crampton is known for her minimalist modern muse beauty and fashion style. You certainly won't be surprised to see how she blends monochrome and neutral themes with modern earrings so harmoniously. This pair of modern and slick 'silver lining' earrings accentrate her simple beauty just on point! You can certainly achieve Sara's look with our Sacha Silver Irregular Stud EarringsBold, punk, and minimalistic, this pair of earrings are your must-have modern accessories. Modern, Girly, Artsy, Casual, this pair will add a simplicity and modern sophistication to your daily styling (click image to view earrings).



Pearl In A Pod

Artisitc and always seeking something unique, Charlene Daveis is known for her fashion story-telling incoporating arts, poetry and design. When it comes to fashion accessories, Charlene is a big fan of bold and simple statement earrings that are both elegant, timeless and quirky. Like  some of you out there, Charlene sits in the 'no ear piercing' club. However, this does not seem to bother her when she finds earrings that can be easily converted into clip-on ones at Culturesse. This pair of Oceane Pearl Pod Earrings are definitely within your reach at Culturesse. Totally unique and on trend, this pair is your must-have modern statement! Classy and flowy, this unique design will spice up your daily styling effortlessly (click image to view earrings)!



Round, Earthy, Simple

When it comes to ageless beauty and fashion, Violet has the last word! Versatile, playful and energetic, this 'Silver Fox' fashion styling guru turns everyday wardrobe pieces into both practical and high fashion looks in the blink of an eye. When it comes to earrings, Violet favours something that are simple and carry calming, soothing earthy tones. Women of all ages can achieve this timeless style with our Essie Circle EarringsModern, minimalistic and trendy, this pair of earrings will quietly match your everyday styling with a elegant earthy hue. Perfect for everyday wear. Colours vary from brown to light brown (click image to view earrings). 



The Timeless Line Art

Who does not like a timeless gold pair that can dress up and dress down with ease? Erika Boldrin certainly says yes! Bold, artsy and striking for contemporary modern styles, Erika Boldrin prefers a pair of earrings that can match her creative casual style as well as her elegant high fashion taste. Your everyday effortless styling can also be done in seconds with our Jaclin Curved Line Earrings, which speak the artistic language of bended lines…This pair is a must-have pair for simplicity seeking modern muses. Inspired by all streams leading to the sea, the design also symbolises uniting and a sense of belonging. Perfect for everyday wear and strike your contemporary presence in no time (click image to view earrings).



The Reserved Beauty

Your soul is tender and speaks of your reserved beauty. We love this classy pair of earrings on Pooja Mor, which accentrates her simple joyful presence. Why not include this gorgeous and classic pair in your everyday effortless styling? When the twist has its own artistic mind…classic, timeless and modish, Naevia Golden Twists Earrings are your must-have modern styling pieces. Solid, flowy and delicate, your classy modern statement is done in no time! Perfect for minimalistic, artsy, street, casual and punk styles (click image to view earrings).




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