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Ways To Alter Your Looks With Statement Earrings

Author: Culturesse   Date Posted:7 February 2019 

Change your looks by simply changing your earrings


Let’s face it—fashion is ever changing! As a result, keeping up to date with the latest clothing trend can be time-consuming and effort/resources demanding. Have you ever complained that you are getting bored with your wardrobe or running out of ideas for outfits? We are not here to preach about buying new outfits.  Quite the opposite, we believe making the best use of your existing outfits but pairing them with some unique and striking earrings is an economic and creative way to go! In this article, we will show you how to zoop up any old outfits with a pair of statement earrings!



Tip 1: Keep Other Jewellery Minimal 


These earrings are called “statement” for a reason, even though they might not always be chunky and heavy. Ashley Madeqwe once said “Statement earrings and statement necklaces each deserve their own moment”. Ashley personally always wears them separately to avoid overdoing things. Our opinion is that unless you are doing a high fashion shoot with all ‘rules’ broken to strike an effect, when it comes to everyday styling, keeping other jewellery minimal while wearing a pair of eye-catching statement earrings makes the whole look appear succinct and more striking! (click image to view earring style available @culturesse)


Tip 2: Consider Garment Patterns


If you like something tasteful and eye-catching, maybe it’s time to consider choosing a pair of statement earrings that adds extra patterns to your clothing! This doesn’t mean you have to choose very colourful earrings. A pair of statement earrings with a unique shape and some simple patterns, or an oversized design will do the trick. (click image to view earring style available @culturesse)


Tip 3: Consider Garment Texture

If you are wearing something silky, you might like to consider styling with a pair of shining rhinestone statement earrings or something in keeping with the smooth/shiny texture. (click image to view earring style available @culturesse)



Tip 4: Wear Them Out During The Day

Yes, your first thought is "night out," but you can absolutely rock these statement ear candy with a simple outfit during the day (if your workplace allows it) or a T-shirt on the weekends. If you ever had a look at the street fashion shots before fashion events, you’ll know what we mean. The day light is your spotlight, wear your heart on your ears! (click image to view earring style available @culturesse)



Tip 5: Experiment With Your Hair


Do you have a preferred hair style or are you always sticking to one type of hair style? The combination of hair style and earrings opens a whole new area of ‘look changing’. If you are a hair down person, maybe try a little pony tail or up do and wear a pair of simple, shiny dangle earrings? If your hair is a bob cut style, maybe considering doing a low bun and wear some ripple round drop earrings?

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Tip 6: Go Mismatching!

Do you mix and match your garments? If so, why not to your earrings? There is no set rule says you have to wear earrings as an exact matching pair even though most of them are sold like that. Creativity and fun lies in breaking the rules sometimes. May be it's time to dig into your earring collections and see if you can mismatch a few for some totally unique and striking looks? (click image to view earring style available @culturesse)

Again the key is to keep experimenting and during the process, you may well discover how creative and versatile you can be by playing with all these styling elements rather than going to the clothing shop and swiping your credit card for some brand new outfits.







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