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Stand Out This Winter With These 5 Statement Earrings

Date Posted:4 June 2020 

Rock eye-catching winter styles with these statement ear love!

‘Can’t-go-wrong’ hoops and studs are for all year round, and statement earrings are for warmer and ‘dressier’ days? Time to rethink! In this blog, we have sourced eye-catching, yet simple and easy earring styling for you to shine bright this winter.

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Style 1 - Joleigh Catwalk Irregular Statement Earrings




Contemporary with a creative splurge, a succinct and powerful statement is worth making. The design features clean, neat and irregular outlines forming an artsy loop with a pop of 'off-white', which makes it an outstadning statement for modern fashionistas. As spotted in Milan Fashion Week, this earring style will surely make you stand out from the crowd. 







Style 2 — We Dream Earrings




Dream big and dare to show! Romantic and elegant in nature, and expressive with various personal styles, a feminine silver bow tie ear love style is just ADORABLE. Regardless you are feminine style or cool modern punk styles, the earrings enhance your personal vibe accordingly. 







Style 3 — Ina Wild Desert Earrings




Love for fashion is evergreen! Introduce Ina Earrings - a light-hearted, fun and bright ear love to add more vibrant vibes to your styling. Light weight and easy to go with casual styles, dress-ups and fun styles all year around.







Style 4 - Grecia Luxury Diamond Shine Earrings




Loved by modern fashionistas and modernists, Grecia Luxury Diamond Shine Earrings are a classic solid statement that will definitely up-level your fashion styling in seconds. This design features the on-trend three quarter disc plus one quarter backing closure completing a full circle. The earring surface is covered in full with cubic zirconia, giving a glorious diamond shine. Perfect for fashion events, runway styling, and any dressy occasions.







Style 5 -Julee Glamour Pearl String Earrings



Adding a flow aesthetic toyour winter styling, making effortless glamour up easily done. Introduce Julee Glamour Pearl String Earrings – a simple, classy and elegant pearly dangle to spice up your styling. Regardless formal occasions or casual dress ups, a graceful pearly drop always sets the tone right, let alone it is lightweight and won’t cause burden to your ears after hours of wearing. 


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