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Rock Fashion Week Earring Styles? Yes, You Can!

Author: Culturesse   Date Posted:22 January 2019 

Grab the eyeballs. We teach you how.





As a big celebration of fashion evolution and designer showcase, fashion weeks around the world have become major events that excite the fashion enthusiasts. The love for fashion is captured on the runway, backstage and especially ON THE STREETS! You certainly won’t be surprised to see photographers crowded near the event venues, eagerly waiting to capture all the eye-catching street fashion styles. In this article, we are going to show you how you can rock some ‘camera-ready’ fashion event look with Culturesse earring collections!





Style 1— Go Red


Red—the most passionate colour of love always grabs instant attention without a doubt! Red in a simple geometric and simplicity fashion makes a bold and succinct statement for fashion. We have spotted this artsy design at the Paris Fashion Week and are very excited to make it a Culturesse collection! Stay tuned via our Instagram for the release!






Style 2—Ear or Leaf?

Ear of Leaf? Curiosity always sparks attention. Unique, bold and artistically crafted, Celine Golden Leaf Craft Stud Earrings are another classic pair of statement earrings for modern muses. The folds of the earring surface resemble the natural curl of leaves and form gorgeous 3D art. Dress up or dress down, this pair suits almost all occasions. Just don’t be surprised at people’s curious staring and compliments (click image to view earrings).






Style 3— Simplicity Never Fails

Heart-felt simplicity becomes more irresistible when paired with a slightly twisted design. Simple, elegant and minimalistic, this pair of Soleine Twisted Circle Earrings will surely sparkle your day and presence with a modish and delicate touch! Perfect for styling up with any fashion styles to strike a modern and simple look. This design is available for both pieced and non-pieced ears (click image to view earrings).






Style 4— Pinky Pink

When the feminine pink becomes a bold statement…it is time to let extravagance lighten up your spirit! Bold, colourful and trendy, this pair of Odila Pink Loop Earrings will certainly be an ‘eye-catcher’ wherever you go! Perfect for casual, minimalistic, and artsy fashion styles. This design is available for both pieced and non-pieced ears (click image to view earrings).






Style 5—Love a Knot?

Get ready for a stylish walk and be your own kind of queen? Let this ‘dancing’ metal design make your unique fashion statement. Whether pairing the pair with a simple t-shirt, dress or suit, the vibes from Natalii Luxury Knot Earrings are just too incredible to hide away from. Perfect for modern, contemporary, edgy, minimalistic, chic, and boss lady styles (click image to view earrings).






Style 6— The Smooth Boldness

For some of you out there, this design may not be something new but hey… the reason might be that you have seen it worn and styled by so many fashion enthusiasts! Glorious and eye-catching, this pair of Genevievre Imprint Running Gold Statement Earrings define simplicity and abstract in a well-blended fashion. It is perfect for modern muses who strike their unique individuality in an extravagant way. This design is currently on sale at Culturesse (click image to view earrings).






Style 7— The Circle of Love & Timelessness


When the twist has its own artistic mind… classic, timeless and modish, Naevia Golden Twist Earrings are your must-have modern styling pieces. Solid, flowy and delicate, your classy modern statement is done in no time! Perfect for minimalistic, artsy, street, casual and punk styles. This earring style has also been spotted in Unconditional Magazine (click image to view earrings).






Style 8— Cute Macaroni?


Yellow is a colour of vibrance, optimism and joy. We just couldn't let this look pass by— the combination of a pair of cat eye sunglasses and a cute pair of open hoop studs! This pair would make it an exciting and delicate highlight of your outfit. If you are a modern muse who favours something minimalistic, then this design is perfect ear love for you to go with any minimalist outfits. Stay tuned via our Instagram for the release!



See below for major upcoming fashion week events in Australia in 2019:

Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival                 1-10 March 

Melbourne Fashion Week                                           September 

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week                                      12-17 May









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