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Jewellery Loaning Criteria Check

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Before contacting us directly, please check the following eligibility for jewellery & accessory loaning. By sending us an email requesting for jewelley / accessory loaning, you are agreeing to the Jewellery Loan Agreement  below:


  1. We require a minimum of 10 business days' notice before the shoot / production date.
  2. Culturesse jewellery and/or accessories will only be loaned for commercial and press-related publications in print, or commercially recognised ticketing events, such as Melbourne Fashion Week, Australian Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, etc. 
  3. You must have an ABN.
  4. We require a detailed list of the event date, creative crew details, client details (if you are borrowing to style your client) and the date lending items will be returned.
  5. All goods loaned are to be covered by insurance against loss or damage to their full retail price.  A copy of your certificate of currency is to be provided before items will be loaned.  Notwithstanding, we expect you will take care of all loaned items and endeavour to return them to us in original condition.
  6. We require a valid tracking number when shipping the loaning items back to us (dropping off / picking up at mutual connivence is also considered if you are based in Melbourne Victoria Australia).



Jewellery Loan Agreement 

  • Jewellery that is not returned by the agreed date (or as otherwise agreed in writing), or is returned with damage will be charged at 75% of the listed RRP (recommended retail price published on our website).
  • All items loaned must remain in the procession or full control of the lender of all times, unless otherwise agreed in writing. If you plan to forward any pieces loaned to you to a third party, you must provide the full details of the third party/ies in advance, and our written consent must be obtained before doing so. 
  • All items loaned by Culturesse are carefully checked to ensure they are in their best conditions.  We require each piece of loaned jewellery to be returned in the exact same condition it is received. If any jewellery arrived damaged, please notify us on the same day with a clear photography showing the damage. We will then replace the damaged jewellery and ship to you as soon as possible.
  • For fashion styling, we require our jewellery to be the final step of styling and to strictly keep all jewellery away from any chemicals such as hair spray, tanning spray, perfume, nail polish, nail polish remover, and other lotions and substances that could cause permanent damage to the jewellery.
  • After using Culturesse earrings, please ensure protective earring backings are put back on each piece to stop earring posts from scratching the jewellery. All loaned items are to be returned in how they were packed. Please ensure adequate and secure packaging when returning the jewellery to us.
  • We will ensure the jewellery is delivered to you at least 1 business day before the production. The agreed loan duration is not to be exceeded without prior written consent. 
  • An invoice for the full retail value will be issued if the loaned items have not been received by us within 5 business days after the agreed return date, or the items are received damaged or incomplete. We recommend when returning the loaned items to us that you use Australia Post Express Parcel Service with extra insurance to cover the full retail value of the goods. 
  • You will be reliable in organising courier for collecting loaned items from Culturesse and for returning loaned items to Culturesse
  • A valid tracking number must be provided to Culturesse when retuning the loan
  • Any breach of these conditions may result in forfeiture of your loaning rights, and you being invoiced for the loaned goods as a purchaser. 
  • You will at times be responsible for all jewellery borrowed from Culturesse and liable for any damage or loss thereto. 
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