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Jewellery Loaning Criteria Check

Jewellery Loaning Criteria Check main image Jewellery Loaning Criteria Check image


Before contacting us directly, please check the following eligibility for jewellery & accessory loaning:


  1. We require a minimum of 10 business days' notice before the shoot / production date.
  2. Culturesse jewellery and/or accessories will only be loaned for commercial shoots or commercially recognised events, such as runway events (e.g.: Melbourne Fashion Week, Australian Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, etc.), award events, celebrity functions, and brand fashion styling (please specify which brand). If the lending items are for magazine styling or magazine submission, please provide the name of the publication, estimated publishing time frame (date / month), and image sharing conditions. 
  3. You must have an ABN.
  4. We require a detailed list of the event date, creative crew details, client details (if you are borrowing to style your client) and the date lending items will be returned.
  5. All goods loaned are to be covered by insurance against loss or damage to their full retail price.  A copy of your certificate of currency is to be provided before items will be loaned.  Notwithstanding, we expect you will take care of all loaned items and endeavour to return them to us in original condition.
  6. We require a valid tracking number when shipping the loaning items back to us (dropping off / picking up at mutual connivence is also considered if you are based in Melbourne Victoria Australia).
Request to loan Culturesse jewellery