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From London To Milan, Earrings Along The Way

Author: Culturesse   Date Posted:28 February 2019 

Earrings styles spotted in the world's fashion capitals




Wherever fashion hits the ground, one thing never missing is a pair of earrings! At Culturesse, we believe that earrings are the ultimate accessories, and tell the world who you are in no time. We also believe that fashion exists in the creative imagination of all, inspired on the runway and turned alive by everyday goddesses just like you. In this article, we share the latest street fashion styles spotted from London to Milan and will show you how these styles can be achieved with our very own Culturesse earring collections. 





The Pearl Magic


The delicate dangle of freshwater pearls is always loved by elegance-seeking goddesses. When paired with irregular geometry shapes, the whole design turns into a combination of elegance and artistry. Handcrafted with love, Alatea Freshwater Pearl Hoop Earrings contain authenticity of nature and modern geometry shapes. Perfect for artsy, classy, high fashion, minimalist, girly, and casual styles (click image to view earrings).





Little Yet Significant 

Hoops are always in the loop of fashion. Though the 80s and 90s favour retro style big hoops, the more recent trend seems to favour more solid and delicate hoops. Classy, stunning, succinct yet tasteful, Oria Eternity Luxury Gold Hoop Earrings speak of high quality and timelessness. It is the subtle details that make the difference. Prefrect for all occasions and everyday wear (click image to view earrings).






Let’s Get Chained 

The word ‘chain’ usually leads to the impression of being too strong and cold-hearted. This is certainly not the case when it comes to Dairine Solid Double Chain Earrings. The creative and succinct design paired with high quality double layered 18K gold plating make this pair a perfect modern statement. Simplicity and funkiness for modern muses. Perfect for casual, artsy, punk, funky, minimalist styles. And another sweeter fact is that you can wear this design in 2 ways by attaching or detaching the lower chain! 2 pairs in 1 design, wow! (click image to view earrings)






Paper Clip Your Ear

Creative styling lies in breaking the rules! Modern fashionistas have made this very clear. Earrings are no longer merely an accent of feminine beauty but a vivid declaration of your personality and individuality. Simple, bold and stylish, Daeja Modern PaperClip Statement Earrings are another high fashion collection that you don’t want to ignore. This simple statement is truly unique and ultimately sophisticated. The beauty is you can rock this design effortlessly for 'one earring style'. The succinct geometry design will draw others’ attention towards you and your unique fashion sense! (click image to view earrings)





Be Bold Be Seen

Fashion styling is always a sweet balance between femininity and masculinity. Women of the 21st Century have earned the freedom of expressing their individualities without being restricted in style stereotypes. A pair of simple geometric ear love paired with a handsome shirt is a stunning way of showcasing who you are. Chunky, bold and stylish, Jaslyn Golden Irregular Earrings will certainly make you stand out of the crowd in no time! Be bold and be seen, because why not? (click image to view earrings, available in gold colour and rose gold colour)






Let the Line Speak

Another interesting design we spotted in the latest fashion earring trends is the ‘free line’. The line design trend allows the metal to form a flowy movement around your ears while exudes freedom and creativity. Extremely artistic and flowy, Andrya Luxury Moving Pearl Artsy Earrings are such an unique and artistic design you won’t see often. Crafted with environmentally friendly copper, double layered 18K gold plating and freshwater pearls, the uniqueness of this modern/contemporary design is off the charts. Wear it and let the line speak. Perfect for artsy, fashion event, formal, semi-formal, wedding, bridal, and event wear. (click image to view earrings)





The Golden Chip

Huggie earrings have certainly joined the fashion earring crowd! The smoooth crescent lines are another trendy element added into huggie earring design. Jobella Solid Hoop Chip Gold Earrings are a timeless collection that can be easily styled, dressed up or dressed down. The double layered 18K gold plating makes this pair endure longer with assured quality. Perfect for all occasions and everyday wear. (click image to view earrings)






The Golden Twist

The solid golden twists are another hot design spotted often in the world’s fashion capitals. The design speaks to simplicity, timelessness and modernism. A great ear love for goddesses who love the eye-catching and statement effect. Perfect for minimalist, artsy, street, casual and punk styles. (click image to view earrings)








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