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Fashion Gives Back To Community

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Which charities do Culturesse support?

At Culturesse, we endeavour to inspire and encourage women of all ages to express their fashion creativity through accessorising. At the same time, we are also passionate about supporting women in need and animal welfare. The two charities we support are: Share The Dignity and Humane Society International Australia.


Share The Dignity is an Australian women’s charity bringing dignity to women who are homeless, at-risk or experiencing domestic violence. They do this through distribution of sanitary items and funding funerals of those killed as a result of domestic violence. Share The Dignity believe all women matter and all women deserve dignity and justice. Find out more:




Humane Society International (HSI) is the largest and most effective international charity working for a more humane and sustainable world for animals. They are leaders in saving endangered species and their habitats, and reducing cruelty in farming, trade and other industries. Find out more:


How can your purchase help?

We will donate 1% of your purchase towards the charities. 


See how your purchase help benefit the community

Here are some happy rescue stories from Humane Society International.

Watch these heartwarming stories of dogs being trasitioned from dog meat farm to a whole new life of family love 


Story of Hayden 

We found Hayden struggling to survive on a dog meat farm in South Korea. Bred to supply dogs for the dog meat trade, she was a broken soul with a future of suffering ahead of her. But we changed all that and rescued Hayden and 170 other dogs suffering on this farm. Hayden took some time to transition to her new life and foster family. Suffering from extreme trauma, at first she wouldn’t leave her crate except to walk around. She also refused to eat.But her foster family didn’t give up on her. Jane and Johnathan adopted Hayden exactly 101 days after bringing her home, and the rest is history. Watch Hayden's story: 


 Story of Winnie

In the dead of winter, we found Winnie trapped on a dog meat farm in Hongseong, South Korea. We rescued her and all the dogs suffering there. Before we came to her rescue, Winnie had to endure the blistering cold alone in an empty cage. It was so cold that her water froze, leaving her with nothing to drink. But Winnie stayed strong and now, she is safe and warm with her forever family! Watch Winnie's story: 



The French Poodle Rescue 

In July, HSI/Latin America team members worked with Costa Rican authorities to rescue eight French poodles from a severe case of animal cruelty and neglect. Trapped in dark, rusty cages 24 hours a day and used for breeding, these poor dogs didn’t get the chance to live the kind of lives we all know that every dog deserves. But thankfully, these dogs are now safe. Some dogs, like Chiky, have even been adopted already! Chiky is now an only “child” living with her mother and father. After losing their most recent dog due to cancer, they tell us, Chiky has brought back oodles of happiness and love into their lives. Chiky’s favorite pastimes include playing with her parents’ socks, taking walks and running in the park. As soon as she hears her mom’s keys jingling, Chiky knows it’s time for adventures and is ready to go!

Watch this heartwarming story: