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Culturesse Earring Trend Report--What’s Coming Up In 2019?

Author: Culturesse   Date Posted:3 January 2019 

Mismatch and dare to wear outside the box!


Big statement earrings have been on trend for quite a few seasons now. You may be wondering are they still going to be an eye-catcher in the fashion earring world in 2019. From what our Culturesse team have collected from big fashion events, e.g.: Paris Fashion Week, London Fashion  Week, Milan Fashion week and a range of independent jewellery design runways, we have spotted a few interesting trends that incorporate sculpture, nature, vintage, chandelier, geometry and so-called ‘Mix and Match’! In this article, we are going to show you what we have spotted on the runway front and show you how you can rock some creative and highly individual styles with our upcoming new arrivals!





1. Mix & Match with Geometry & Length

Who said earrings are meant to wear as a pair? A simple hoop mixed with a long dangle creates a quirky, cutting-edge and artistic vibe almost instantly. To show off your creativity and individuality, may be it is a time to go through your earring collections and see what kind of Mix & Match you could do yourself? We have picked a few our collections in the images below to show you how it can be done in an effortless and fun way (click images to view earrings)




2. The Oversized Artsy Trend


The ‘one earring only’ trend seems to be emerging as a new fashion styling. The common combination seems to be a classic slick hairdo, light makeup with bold lip colours, paired with one piece of oversized artsy/geometric earring and contemporary style clothing. At Culturesse, we are constantly seeking runway inspirations and are releasing a few new designs that sit in this genre. These Deliz Artsy Face Drop Earrings in our 2019 collection are another modern muse collection  that you’d like to wear out! Super artistic, fun and delicate, you won’t be surprised at people’s compliments. Let it dangle and let it hang, let it spice your everyday fashion styling with a bubbly and elegant sense.  



3. The Shiny Luxury Single 

Fashion, at its best, is a steady evolution. Evolving earring styles carry traits of both new and old. Glamorous bling can be a bit overwhelming for some, so wearing an earring as a single piece can turn the whole style into something more sophisticated and unique. This style at the Paris Fashion week 2018 has certainly caught our eye and we are excited to release our Glamour Walk Collection that celebrates the artistic combination of sculpture lines and cubic zirconia. Wear it as one piece only or two pieces, and let your glamour rule the show!




4. Let Go The Chandelier

When it comes to vintage luxury elegance, chandelier has the last word. Its dazzling and illuminating beauty has earned chandelier earrings a queen spot in the fashion earring world. One challenge when choosing a pair of chandelier earrings is finding a balance between boldness and elegance. Our pick for this trend is this multi-length arch chandelier, which is not only sophisticated and elegant, but also incorporates elements of shape and length. Stay tuned for the release! 



5. Go Floral, Go Hollow

Earring design, like clothing design, often takes cues from nature. Floral earrings are a classic example of this. In the 2018 Moschino Runway, we spotted Bella Hadid wearing this hollowed flower design. It is extremely simple yet exudes artistry. Our Fermina Artsy Flower Drop Earrings are another artistic, fun and unique floral collection. This design comes with a long drop hollowed flower and a simple round stud. Perfect for girly, artsy, casual, minimalistic and everyday wear. It also makes a perfect option for Mix and Match with other earrings that share the similar colour, style and make. Stay tuned for the release!






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