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How To Care For Your Sensitive Ears?

Author: Culturesse   Date Posted:27 November 2018 

Tips to reduce/relieve ear pain How to comfort, smooth and care for sensitive ears

Love fashion earrings but have sensitive ears? Here are a few searched tips on how to prevent, relieve and stop ear irritation from wearing fashion earrings:

  • Take a break: wear the earrings for a few hours and take them off for a break. sometimes your ears just need a break rather than applying anything instead
  • Use coconut oil: coconut oil can act as a kind of barrier between the metal and your skin, you simply dip the bit of the earrings that goes through the ear in coconut oil, leave it for a few seconds then pop it in. It's a quick, it's easy and inexpensive way to prevent, stop or relieve ear irritation. Alternatively Vaseline cal also do the same trick.
  • Use Neosporin
  1. take just the smallest amount of Neosporin and rub it all over the pierced area of my ear making sure to get it inside the piercing hole as well as anywhere the earring will touch your skin (front and back)
  2. Then take whatever product is remaining on your finger and rub it all over the post of the earring.
  3. Wear earrings as normal. 
  4. Clean the earring posts with warm soapy water after taking off and dry gently with towels. 







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