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Shop The Runway - Part 2

Date Posted:3 April 2022 

Cuturesse signature pearl and statement earrings seen in PayPal MFF2022

We want people to see the jewellery but focus on the woman. - Culturesse

Our hearts are so full to again see our jewellery on the runway and to hear public feedback we have received during and after PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival. Thank you for the support along the years witnessing our each little step. Thank you so much for those have taken their precious time to write to us, chat to us, and give us the opportunity to serve you and to see you shine bright. 






Francine Earrings



Jacinthe Earrings



Esmerelda Earrings



Lorene Earrings



Venezia Earrings



Calliope Earrings



Annalisa Earrings



Emiliana Earrings



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