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How To Care For Freshly Pierced Ears?

Author: Culturesse   Date Posted:10 January 2019 

Let's do it right from the very beginning


We understand to be able to enjoy the lifelong pleasure of wearing earrings, ear piercing is a common process one needs to go through. Though some were quite lucky to get it done when they were young, some have to go through this 'not always pleasant' experience in their adult lives. In this article, we sourced tips provided by celebrity piercer J. Colby Smith on how to care for freshly pierced ears. 





Tip 1-Do you know using a piercing needle

is probably better than a piercing ‘gun’?




According to celebrity piercer J. Colby Smith, an ear piercing gun forces the earring through with pressure, so it causes a lot of unnecessary damage to the tissue. It's also hard to manage the sterilisation of a tool with plastic parts. With a needle, one can have more control of accuracy, and it's totally sterile. It works like a scalpel, making a small incision into the tissue, leaving minimal damage to the area. It's also a myth that the gun hurts less—if a needle piercing is done properly, the pain is very minor.




Tip 2-Do you know having a healthy diet

also helps freshly pierced ears?



Smith advises keeping your body hydrated. A healthy diet is always important but especially after a piercing. Also make sure to avoid additional trauma to the piercing area. Most irritations occur from bumping, snagging or sleeping on new piercings. 




Tip 3-Do you know oil-based soap

is better for cleaning freshly pierced ears?



To care for a fresh piercing, wash with soap and water or saline solution twice a day, but avoid rubbing alcohol on the piercing area. Smith advised that he finds alcohol dries the piercing out. If it gets too dry, it cracks and bleeds, causing the wound to remain open. As a reslut, Smith recommends oil-based soaps for this reason. They clean the wound, but also provide oils to soften up the healing tissue.




Tip 4-Do you know that you should “turn”

the earrings ONLY when it is wet?




"Turn it if it's wet and you are cleaning it. If it's dry, do not move it," Smith warns. Know that a cartilage piercing will require a bit more TLC than a lobe piercing. "Anything in the cartilage area is more temperamental during the healing process," Smith says, "They feel about the same to receive, but can be more difficult to heal."




Tip 5-Do you know that being patient is

the key during the healing process?



Keep an eye out for signs of healing—and know how long you might have to wait. "Ear lobes usually take about 2-3 months to heal, and cartilage takes about 3 to 10 months. Once it stops hurting, swelling, and secreting fluid, and any redness disappears, it's healed," Smith explains. You must be patient and nurse it to health. Sometimes the simple things are the best: Soap and water to clean, and ice for the swelling.











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