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Blue Sapphire - More Than a Gemstone

Date Posted:23 June 2021 

Learn about the history, make and natural healing powers of blue sapphires.


Sapphires are made from the mineral corundum. It exists in a rainbow of colours including pink, yellow, green and grey, but the blue-hued variety is the best known (Red corundum crystals are called rubies). On the Mohs scale of hardness blue sapphire rates 7.5 – 8. The term ‘blue sapphire’ comes from the Latin words ‘aqua’ and ‘mare’, meaning ‘water’ and ‘sea’.


In old Persian lore, the Earth was said to be balanced on top of an enormous sapphire and its reflection gave the sky its blue colour. The ancient Greeks and Romans also claimed blue sapphires held mystical powers, giving their owners wisdom and health. In the Middle Ages, blue sapphires were often worn by royalty as amulets to ward off evil.


The beautiful blue sapphire or Neelam gemstone is one of the highly desired gemstones around the world. Its divine aura and magnificent beauty hold a vital place not only in the whole of the gemstone arena but also in the way of leading a prosperous life. Ruled by the strongest planet Saturn, a blue sapphire reduces the malefic effects of all the evil eyes on your body and other aspects of life.


Blue sapphire gemstone is best known for making our lives better. Owing to the cosmic charm and sacred energies, it is counted among the most powerful and fastest acting precious stones for centuries. One can expect incredible healing based on the account of its holistic drives. According to Indian Vedic astrology, the strong healing properties of blue sapphire can effectively heal your body, mind, and soul altogether.



According to Vedic astrology, gemstones are intensely associated with the chakras of an individual.  Every gemstone carries some or another kind of specific healing powers within that connect with these chakras in some or other way. A misaligned or blocked chakra of a person can result in mental, physical, emotional, and social trauma. As per ancient Indian mythology, it is believed that gemstones have intergalactic effects on their aligned chakras when they are attached or detached from their core point. Every natural and precious gemstone has some specific powers and purposes in chakra’s healing.



Blue sapphires are known for evoking and stimulating the energies of these vital chakras in a perfect alignment. Besides being a potent healer, Neelam Ratan or blue sapphire is an effective resource that aligns the chakras existing inside our body. It stimulates the third-eye or brow chakra, which is associated with the thoughts, ideas, and perceptions of a person. It also has an effect on our vision and eyesight. An unbalanced brow chakra can cause havoc in your interior communications system and you may encounter unnecessary disputes around you. When this chakra is seamlessly allied in its place with other chakras, you can experience the world from a whole new viewpoint. While associated with blue sapphire, it broadens the scope of your mind, enhances awareness of your vision, and brings balance to your judgments. Sapphire is the September birthstone. It is also gifted on 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries. Explore natural raw sapphire gemstone jewellery at Culturesse.


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