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9 Amazing Benefits of Cats Eye Gemstones

Date Posted:23 March 2021 

Discover the 9 amazing and rarely known benefits of natural cats eye gemstones


Chatoyance is an optical phenomenon in which a band of reflected light, known as a "cat's eye," moves just beneath the surface of a cabochon-cut gemstone. Chrysoberyl and tiger's eye are two of the well-known gemstones that exhibit this phenomenon. Excellent specimens of chrysoberyl exhibit the finest chatoyance and also have some amazing healing and health benefits.


1. Spiritual Enlightenment

The mystical Dragon Tail Planet brings in varied life experiences that often bring pain, misery and stress. Wearing cat’s eye gemstone can help cope with such “more often than not experience,” bringing peace and harmony. It helps a person isolate from materialistic attachments, and attaining spiritual enlightenment. The energies of Dragon Tail Planet can aid in spiritual advancement, especially if you are a spiritual and religious seeker.  



2. Attract Luck

Cats eye stones are believed to bring luck, especially for individuals, who are involved in the business and trading. It is a favoured gemstone for adventurers and risk takers.



3. Relieve Stress

The beautiful gemstone can help relieve mental imbalances and provide relief from stress and anxiety. It allows the wearer to ward-off negativity and unhealthy desires, which are the primary causes of depression.



4. Physical Healing

Cats eye stones can help improve physical health and regain wellbeing that has been lost by disease, poor lifestyle, abuse, depression, etc. It is also known to have healing powers against cancer. The gemstone can also cure the conditions of anorexia or loss of appetite.  



5. Provide Psychic Protection

Wearing cats eye gemstones as a lucky charm can help protect your life from the effects of the evil.



6. Bring Wealth and Prosperity

Cats eye stones are believed to bring wealth and prosperity in life. Wearing cats eye stone jewellery also helps regain lost wealth or revive a closed business.  



7. Improve Memory

Cats eye stones are believed to offer enhanced vision to the wearer, improving memory power and awareness.      



8. Remove Fear and Pessimism

Cats eye stones can provide relief from unknown fears and negativity that restricts a person to move forward and take positive steps in life.



9. Enhance Creativity and Intellect

Cats eye gemstones are believed to enhance wearers’ intelligence, creativity and quick learning abilities.

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