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5 Trendy Winter Earring Styles Picked For You

Author: Culturesse   Date Posted:3 August 2019 

Inspired by latest trendy street styles Earrings for winter fashionistas. Let's go!

Editor's note: Let’s be honest: what do you love most about fashion earrings? Fun, versatile for styling, expressive, cute, statement-making, can dress up and dress down…we are sure you have more to add. At Culturesse, we believe everyday fashion muses like you can rock equally amazing styles as the models on the runway and fashionistas active in the fashion field. For our 2019 Winter Earring Inspiration, we have sourced iconic earring styles spotted in big fashion events, and would like to show you how you can strike these looks with Culturesse collection.



Stripes and Geometric Lines

Line art earrings have certainly become a new favourite for artsy and contemporary loving goddesses. We love this high-end style spotted in London Fashion Week, and the good news is we have got it here for you: (available in gold and silver)



Curved Lines Match All

This classic earring style is a ‘must-have’ for modern muses! Different from traditional gold hoop earrings, the curved lines add a subtle vibrance to this simple and succinct design. Paired with trendy glasses and multi-layered gold necklaces, it is just hard not to catch the eyes. Shop this earring style here:



We Got You Bananas

Fashion evolves, yet one principle remains – expressiveness! From floral, to dinosaurs, to moon and stars, and to…bananas! This quirky yet fun style has been seen in some major runway events and is loved by creative fashion muses who dare to be different. Shop this earring style here:



Shell, I Shall

Delicate with a subtle hint of cuteness, we get it! Coastal earrings paired with modern simple clothing is another on-trend styling tip. Gold-filled shells just make the whole idea sweeter. Amongst our various ranges of shell earrings, we picked this gold-filled style for your all-year-round styling. Shop gold-filled shell earring style here:



Floral Muse

Flowers are all year around. So should your earring styles be! How sweet, chic and refreshing is this look spotted in 2019 Mercedes Fashion Week street styles!  Good news is wed have plenty of cute flower ear love for you to pick from. Shop this new style here:



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