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5 Earring Trends In 2020 You Need To Know

Date Posted:3 January 2020 

Rock statement earrings like never before


Creative metal evolves. Apart from retro baroque / pearl trends, what’s on the horizon for earrings in 2020? Let’s take a look.


Be The Spotlight.

When extravagance and elegance dance together. As seen in NYFW, this mind-blowing ‘jewel cloth’ design has certainly taken the spotlight on the runway. The definition of earring statement keeps evolving in textures and movement, which makes this design a luxury and iconic piece.








In 2020, the snake design has become quite popular in dainty earring styles. Yet to catch the eyes, an extravagant, bold and eye-catching design featuring details of curves and turns is just unbeatable for a striking visual effect.







Pretty Feather.

Rooted and flowing. Another rising earring trend favours flow and movement, blending softness and femininity with the hard metal and stones. Call it a statement that completes and ‘lifts’ the outfit. 








Transparency is the new statement. Simplicity does not always equal minimalism. It can be a powerful statement that adds depth and zest to your creative styling. The glass also works as a light trap, capturing and emanating ever-changing light on your ears. 








Let your earrings do the movement. Exploring different dimensions around the ears has been a rising creative trend in the earring fashion world. From cuff to climber, the natural shape of your ears becomes a playground for the creative metal to hug and cradle. 




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