As delicate as glass, as mysterious as constellation, Lisle Glass Bubble Cuff Earrings are surely on top of the trend! Uniquely designed and delicately crafted, this design incorporated stud and cuff and run smoothly around your ear to form a gentle hugging effect. Be the one that stands out wherever you go with this glass bubble magic! Perfect for vintage, modern, artsy, and minimalistic styles. With this design, you may need to bend it gently to suit the contour of your ears. Earring Fitting Instructions: 1) Refer to pacakging sticker for 'left ear' and 'right ear' 2) Insert earring post first 3) Adjust cuff so that it fits / sits on your helix (outer edge of upper ear) the way you want. You can always gently tighten the cuff as each indidual's ear is different. 4) Gently adjust / bend the bottom part of the earring to the ideal curve you prefer.


Brand: Culturesse
Earring Type:Cuff
Made from:
Colour: Gold
Width: 15mm
Weight: 3.6g